Two phase Steamer

Two phase Steamer

Treatment time about 90 seconds – Smaller capacity machine, from 60 a 130 metres of fabric – High output, 30-50 metres per minute – Urea completely removed – Colours are perfectly fixed, thus higher dye yield – Fewer chamber temperature and moisture problems – Easier fabric washing and fewer liquor treatment problems – Less steam consumption – Lower dye costs.
By using a VPM steaming chamber with a specially designed horizontal roller padding mangle we have obtained a two phase after printing steamer.
This machine is especially useful when using reactive and indanthren dyes on woven and knitted fabrics. The drawing shows the exact fabric path during the wetting-out and colour developing stage.
Special care has been given to knitted fabrics since the selvedges tend to curl up when treated.
To prevent this the two phase steamer has been fitted with a belt to carry the fabric out of the padding mangle to avoid the pulling tension that normally causes the selvedges to curl.

“FOU” padding mangle

This machine has been specially designed to wet-out the fabric for two phase steaming.

The machine has a galvanised steel structure housing the two impregnating or plating rollers – one roller is covered in a special rubber and the other is made of chromium-plated steel and has a stainless steel cleaning blade fitted to it. The basin under the rollers can be used for either partial or total wetting-out or for plating. There is another basin at the bottom of the machine and a basin to filter and recover the liquor.

A suitably located fabric-expanding rod ensures the fabric is perfectly laid out.