Flexibility and versatility characterize this felt calender machine available in various diameters and working widths.

The main cylinder is made of steel with hollow space for diathermic oil circulation in order to obtain the necessary temperature uniformity (+/- 1° C) over the entire work surface. Heating is made by many electrical resistances or, upon request, with oil circulating from the central system. The felt is 100% Nomex fiber, for high temperature, with a proportional centering system and parallel, continuous and adjustable tension. Cylinders for felt rotation with great diameter and thickness.

The unwinding and winding stations are equipped by quick-opening supports with high sensitivity  electromagnetic powder clutches and brakes. Possibility of additional unwinding andwinding units for multi-layer processing. Strong additional pressure cylinder, which works through the felt, for laminating and metal-foiling.

Several processes are possible, using some optional extras available.
The total management of the machine is through industrial PLC with touch screen, programmable start, auto shutdown, maintenance schedule, alarms with historical memory, pre-settable meter-counter and archiving of the processing recipes with automatic setting of the parameters.