Flat Pleater

Electronic pleating machine for flat, parallel, straight, waved, crossed, overlapped, regular and irregular pleats, by means of a computer, standard working width of 1600 and 3200 mm.

The cylinders are heated by electrical resistances in oil bath. It is possible to obtain several effects by setting the pattern in the computer and using the mechanical features of the machine as the knife lateral shift, the independence between the cylinder forward movement and the knife opening, the space maker without limit, the pleat inverter, and other.
It is complete with constant tensioning automatic unwinders for papers and fabric, winder at the outlet and fabric introduction table for panel working process.
Production of about 60 to 80 m/h.

Fields of use:
Classic fashion, sportswear and leisurewear, lingerie and beachwear, home textile and upholstery, footwear and leather goods, ribbons, accessories and promotional.