Pleating machine of “accordion” type which effects big vertical pleats, available in different working widths (1600 – 2500 – 3500 mm.) and pleats depth.
It is particularly suitable to pleat fabrics, mosquito netting, papers, composite fibers and every kind of filters. The plates and the cylinders are heated by electrical resistances.

The machine is complete with automatic unwinder, preheating platform with independent temperature control, heat-setting platforms with adjustable eights and individual temperature control, cooling and packaging table at the outlet with the possibility of a cutting unit.
Pleats depth from 10 to 100 mm.
Production of about 100 to 150 m/h.

SONIA M: version with manual pleat dimension change
SONIA E: version with pleat dimension change and whole machine management by computer

Fields of use:
Home textile, air/water filtration, bellows cover guides.