Carol 160 - 320

Machine designed for continuous marking, decorating and cutting of fabrics and similar materials, with galvo head laser technology; 1600 and 3200 mm standard working width (other working widths are available upon request).
It allows decorating, marking or cutting fabrics of every type, shape and fiber with workspace of 1600 x 1600 mm in a continuous or piece by piece.

Available models:
CAROL 160 TF 230 (350) working width 1600 mm., one fixed galvo head with 230 w. or 350 w. laser source.
CAROL 320 TF 2×230 (350) working width 3200 mm., two fixed galvo head with two 230 w. or 350 w. laser source.
CAROL 160 PLT 115 (230) (350) working width 1600 mm., version with laser head movement by orthogonal axis with one 115 w. or 230 w. or 350 w. laser source.

Industrial PC with dedicated software, working in Windows, which allows the operator to create the machine movements and to manage the working parameters such as power, frequency, marking speed, etc.. to obtain the desired result, it also allows to import files in different graphic formats, vector or raster (plt, wmf, emf, bxf, bmp, jpg, pcx, hgl, hg, hpg, plo, hp, hp1, hpgl2, glz, prm, spl, rtl, cqm, swg, dxf, besides machine formats), and to edit writings, logos, etc. using all the Windows fonts.
The ease and simplicity of use of the software, allow us to obtain simultaneous operations of marking, decoration and cutting.
The machine is complete with unwinder equipped with automatic speed adjustment, aligning unit with photocell for fabric positioning, and automatic fabric tensioning system Foulard rolls system with 2 input and output rollers to obtain the perfect transport synchronism between conveyor and fabric.
CO2 sealed laser source, with available power of 115, 230, 350, 600 watts. (others on request).
Galvo laser head with automatic compensation of the “focus” through sliding lens and rotational movement of the ceramic mirrors.
Possibility to install one or more sources and galvo laser heads, to cover working areas up to 320 cm.
Aluminium honeycomb slat conveyor to transport the fabric with cutting waste automatic cleaning system through brush cylinders.
Model with 3200 widths with double independent conveyor to allow different processes in 2 x 1600.
3-axis galvo head movement using high-precision linear motors.
Preview vision system of the working area by red laser pointer.
Automatic optimization of the movements and working time.
Working area covered by transparent “Lexan” protection windows (class 1 international).
Fume extraction system.
Winding unit for the finished roll, with automatic speed adjustment.
Laser source and galvo head cooling system by “chiller”.
Production depending on the design required: from 0.5 m/min. to 8 m/min.

Fields of use:
Classic fashion, sportswear and leisurewear, lingerie and beachwear, technical fabrics, ballistic, automotive and geo textiles, home textile, footwear and leather goods, ribbons, accessories and