Salvadè S.r.l.

Salvadè S.r.l. was founded in 1967 by brothers Alberto and Luigi.

In the ensuing years it grew as a maintenance company for textile plant of all types and brands ranging from rameuse to printing machines, steaming plant and dryers, and gradually becoming a machine constructor itself.

Thanks to the vast experience it acquired in maintenance, and fielding an extremely broad range of machinery for textile dyeing, printing and finishing, Salvadè is now one of the leading companies in the sector, at international level.


The company is aware that the production evolves continuously with research and updating, development and innovation; constant monitoring of technological evolution and customer requirements therefore represent a fundamental point of passage towards the objectives that Salvadè has set itself for the near future, such as the expansion of the manufacturing range and the continuous improvement of products. The new solution are in fact seen as a means to improve the customer’s production cycles, in terms of space and time.

Salvadè S.r.l. is provided with a technical office having n° 11 posts each.

Recently projects are carried out using 3D for a better reading of the drawing and presentation to the customer.

Today Salvadè S.r.l. is one of the few companies able to provide plants with a usable working height of over 5 m.


Salvadè aware that an efficient after-sales service is an important as design, pays particular attention to customer service with vehicles for delivery of the machines and for emergency action on the customer’s premises.

The specialized technical personnel can also follow the start-up of the machines and satisfy all needs with a consulting service at worldwide level.