Knife and Chromium Plated Roll

The machine for coating and coupling are designed ad hoc according to the product to be coated or coupled.
The machines can be fitted with a variety of coating systems, – reverse roll – multipoint roller – micro-perforated roller – engraved roller – doctor blade on roller – doctor blade in air -, and can be fitted with drying ovens with air flow or steam or oil heated drying cylinders.
The various solutions also envisage treatment for both loom-woven and knitted fabrics.
All requests are evaluated and handled based on customer requirements.

Holt Melt type hot glue coating and coupling also has a variety of different solutions according to the product under process and the type of adhesives used.
The best known systems are:

  • Multi-roller system. With three precision adjustable rollers, with very different rolling speeds to allow application of extremely thin coats of adhesive up to 5 g m2 as well as thicker coats up to 150 g m2.
  • With the point system by means of a roller with special spiral grooves.
  • With coating head. This system is particularly easy to use and easy to clean after finishing the process. The load applied according to the type of head range from 5/20 g m2 up to large quantities of around 150 g m2.