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The company as an extended family

Most studies on the subject highlight the fact that entrepreneurial families have an extremely complex task: to maintain a delicate balance between the good of the family and the good of the company. This entails a series of consequences of great impact, since the company is never seen as a mere business, but as a company destined to last over time and to be handed down. Solidity takes priority over immediate profit and the pride linked to the name it bears – the so-called eponymy -, together with the prospect of continuity, prevails over the objective of expansion as an end in itself. Therefore, in family businesses the involvement is not only technical-professional, but all-encompassing above all on a human level.

What does all this mean? How does this “full humanity” translate into entrepreneurial management? Let’s watch the video in which Marco Salvadé, President of Salvadè S.r.l., talks about the generational transition, from which emerges a perception of an “extended family” that goes well beyond the small group of close relatives who now have the management of the company in hand .

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