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Innovation as a competitive lever for Salvadè S.r.l.

Someone claims that the fifth industrial revolution has begun, since companies not only produce quickly, innovatively and sustainably, but also consider their intangible assets, i.e. acquired knowledge and, above all, innovation linked to new technologies, as primary values to emerge in the scenario of global competition.

In this respect, Italy is still behind other countries, since it is still reluctant to make a real change of pace. But Italian SMEs that do not consider innovation as a competitive lever run serious risks, especially in the outcome of the processes related to internationalization.

This is not the case with Salvadè S.r.l., which generates 80% of its turnover from the foreign market and has recorded growing success, despite the various moments of economic crisis, more or less serious, experienced in this first period of the 21st century.

What is the winning recipe of Salvadè S.r.l. to follow and assist its customers in the most diverse countries of the world, perhaps thousands of km away. from Italy? Marco Salvadè, current President of Salvadè S.r.l., tells us about it in the interview conducted by storytailor Piero Muscari (

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