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Salvadè S.r.l., world leader in textile vaporization

As can be seen from research and studies on the subject, the companies that have been able to best ride the wave of digitization in recent decades have grown, accruing much higher turnovers even compared to the pre-pandemic period. In fact, digitizing  means giving added value to production and processes, having higher returns in terms of revenues.

The textile sector, however, due to its peculiarities, renews itself rapidly and continuously: only the most innovative companies emerge on the market, those capable of keeping up with new technologies. The Como district, of which Salvadè S.r.l. is part, has been at the forefront for some time in the production of fabrics printed with digital technology, so much so that today 70% of production is exported in this segment.

In such a vital and dynamic context, how do you stand out from all your competitors, even becoming world leaders in the construction of a machine? Marco Salvadè, President of the company, explains it to us in the interview with Piero Muscari (

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